IGT or IGS is based three dimensional imaging and real-time track technology. IGS is the general term used for any surgical procedure where the surgeon employs tracked surgical instruments in conjunction with preoperative or intraoperative images in order to indirectly guide the procedure. IGS uses electromagnetic fields to capture and relay the patient’s anatomy and the surgeon’s precise movements in relation to the patient, to computer monitors in the operating room. These sophisticated computerized systems can be used before and during surgery to help orient the surgeon with three-dimensional images of the patient’s anatomy including the tumor. Our technology in surgery lend efficiency and ease to even the most complicated procedures, including neurosurgery. IGT offers platforms and software to enable access to improved, more efficient, less invasive and less expensive treatments for patients undergoing cranial, spinal, trauma, orthopedic, and other surgery. Magnetic Source Locator (MSL) has been integrated into image-guided surgery and intraoperative imaging platforms enhance procedures and allow surgeons to realize the full benefits of our software, enabling maximum capability when combined. Configured to scale, the diverse technologies can address imaging, navigation, enrichment and data sharing needs. Our technology has advanced signal processing algorithms. The software technology allows surgeons to plan and navigate procedures. Our software has been innovating in the surgical space, maximizing and leveraging the value of patient data with cutting-edge image enrichment and visualization tools, helping physicians take full advantage of information to achieve their surgical goals.

About IGT and IGS, doctors are using computerized technologies that are familiar to people in the consumer world to help fight cancer in the operating room. An important example of that application is IGS and it helps surgeons perform safer and less invasive procedures and remove brain tumors that were once considered inoperable due to their size and/or location. Part of the wider field of computer-assisted surgery (CAS), IGS can take place in hybrid operating rooms using intraoperative imaging. Most image-guided surgical procedures are minimally invasive. A field of medicine that pioneered and specializes in minimally invasive image-guided surgery is interventional radiology.