CADMI 3D is a powerful software to analyze and detect abnormities in MRI, CT and ultrasound by using artificial intelligence. It is the software package, which has built in functionality to try to detect common disorders with imaging recognition techniques. This software can also be combined with EEG and MEG source analysis to define the functional abnormalities in structure images. The software is easy to use with intuitive graphic user interface. MRI data import can be imported by “drag-and-drop” (e.g. DICOM, ANALYZE, etc.). CADMI 2D has automatic edge detection, segmentation includes an automated inhomogeneity correction to correct for scan artifacts, generates a high quality cortex and scalp reconstruction with optional cortex inflation for enhanced visualization. CADMI 3D can be used with other software package. With CADMI 3D, MEG sensors, electrodes (including inferior electrodes) can also be morphed with individual MRI data. Co-registered MEG sensors and electrode coordinates are immediately available for MEG/EEG source analysis.