Our Team

We have an active, thriving mixture of clinicians, scientists, computer programmer and engineers, lawyers and accountants. The team consist of specialists, who have been working in MEG, EEG, fMRI, TMS, neurology, psychology and psychiatry and brain research. For example, Dr. Xiang worked as scientist in top institutes in the world, such as, RIKEN, University of Toronto, and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. The team has extensive background in medical science and computer technology. It developed BrainX, a software package with precise time, easy to use, and powerful in creating innovative behavioral and physiological experiments. The first version of the software was based on MS DOS; it has then been continuously developed on Windows 95/98/XP/Vista/7/8/10. The team has also developed MEG Processor. MEG Processor is a power tool for cognitive neuroscience, for better understanding the brain mechanisms of sensation, perception, emotion, action, self-awareness. MEG Processor has been used for pre-surgical functional mapping (somatosensory, motor, auditory, visual, language and any combination of them). The team also developed EEG Studio. EEG Studio enables clinicians and scientists to detect and analyze both low and high frequency brain signals.